Monday, November 30, 2009

Mass and Office in Advent

As my Advent intensification of vigilance, I have turned back to the Roman Breviary (since 1st Vespers on Saturday), and am planning to go to daily Mass (which entails the OF for the most part; shikata ga nai, it cannot be helped; I find it isn't as mediocre on weekdays, though still the EF is far preferable for its richness of expression and reverence).

This morning already I've read the (very long three Nocturn) Matins, and heard Mass of St Andrew at Carmel, and fittingly, in the recessional hymn, we sang a prayer for Scotland, my ancestral homeland:

The faith that Andrew taught once shone
O'er all this kingdom fair;
The cross that Jesus died upon
Was honoured everywhere.
But evil men that faith beat down,
Reviling Andrew's name;
The cross, though set in kingly crown,
Became a sign of shame.

Saint Andrew, now in bliss above,
Thy fervent prayers renew
That Scotland yet again may love
The faith, entire and true...


Mark M said...

God bless you, Josh! Particularly in your RB endeavours...

Do let me know how your trip plans pan out. Did you have any luck with hotels? Drop me an email. God bless!

(p.s. I will teach you that Hymn, and give you the music.)

Joshua said...

I've sent you an email as requested.

Looking forward to seeing Scotland!