Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anglicanorum Cœtibus - II

I find the terribly uncharitable comments posted on the Rorate Cæli blogsite really quite scandalous - surely the mean and extreme remarks found there will frighten off many potential converts? - but I found the following comment, from one P.K.T.P., very interesting:

"...the TAC choirmaster here [where?] tells me that it was announced publicly today by the dean of his cathedral.

"The news is this: the apostolic constitution was not Rome's response to the TAC's petition of October, 2007; rather, it is a general response to all the requests of differing Anglican groups to reunite with the See of St. Peter. There will now be a SECOND document issued from the C.D.F., this one to address the situation of the TAC specifically. This is coming soon, very soon, well before Christmas.

"I have no idea what is in this new document to come, but we can have some fun speculating about it. I imagine that it will grant some general dispensations for TAC priests and it might make arrangements for ordinariates, especially for the less populous TAC national churches."

Recall that other sources indicate that the Vatican will also approve before Christmas a form of liturgy for the incoming Anglicans, upgraded from the present Anglican Use of the Roman Rite given in the Book of Divine Worship, and most probably drawing upon the English Missal (that is, the Roman Missal done over into Cranmerian prose, with the nice bits of the Book of Common Prayer interwoven).

It seems Father Christmas, otherwise known as Papa Benny, has been busy at work preparing gifts for good boys and girls... I wonder what else he has hidden under the camauro?


Anonymous said...

I agree. I like Rorate Cæli, but sometimes it needs to be taken with an asprin or two.

Perhaps Rome plans to clarify some of the irregularities presented by the TAC. Who knows. All the public comments, however, made by Hepworth and the TAC indicate that Anglicanorum Cœtibus was for them also. Sounds like gossip to me.

I cannot wait to see the new order of Mass when it comes out. I suspect Rome is regarding this very much as an example of 'getting it right' when it comes to liturgy, so it should be good.

Rob A

Joshua said...

But you must have noted that items Hepworth remarked on - having a bishops' conference, reordaining clergy in a body, having these clergy receive their flocks into the Church in a body - seem to go beyond what Apostolorum cœtibus proposes?

Anonymous said...

I thought he had made all those remarks before the publication of the constitution. I have not heard anything from him or the TAC since.

Either way, Santa may well have some more presents in the stocking this year :-)

Rob A

Michael said...

Well gentleman, on Thursday I shall listen to a talk given my the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams at the Gregorian in the afternoon. I believe it should be interesting. Apparently Cardinal Kaspar will present a talk afterwards. The Pope will be seeing the former this Thursday before he greets us Seminarians and Students in Rome.

Joshua said...

I hope Benedict has a box of tissues handy...

Mike, watch out: Rowan has the ability to cause paralysis by speeches so balanced they end up signifying nothing. (Sorta like Timothy Radcliffe, except much much worse.)

Kiran said...

Yes. By and large I find it instructive never to read the comments on Rorate Coeli, and be very selective in whose comments I read on the NLM. PTKP and Kenjiro in particular.

Anonymous said...

"Rowan has the ability to cause paralysis by speeches so balanced they end up signifying nothing."


According to some liberal Anglicans RW is supposed to be 'the greatest thinker since Anselm' so it should be a good talk.

In all seriousness, why does a man of RW's talent remain inside the Canterbury Communion? Personally the Catholic Church would be blessed with his conversion. Part of me feels sorry for him as his Church is falling apart all around him.

Rob A

Joshua said...

He's meant to be no mean Patristics scholar, but his catholic credentials are vitiated by his stance on so many ecclesial and moral issues (e.g. his insane idea that "homosexual acts are immoral" means "such actions are immoral for heterosexuals").

Peter said...

It is interesting that others find the 'dialogue' at Rorate caeli often beyond the pale.

In fact, in between some of the (interminable) comments I sought to post some riposte, however each time the thread owner ('New Catholic') erased them.

Some of the thread owners obviously have a very stalinist approach to their blog, and I fear that it harbours a bunch of crypto sede vacantists in the regular posters.

I would hasten to add that I am always heartend by the approach of Carlos Antonio Palad.