Thursday, November 19, 2009

Half-way There

Half-way to heaven or...?

At this hour, exactly thirty-five years ago, I was born into this world. God bless my parents!

On all my sins, God, have mercy; for all the uncountable graces I've been given, glory to God in the highest! Where sin abounded, grace abounded all the more, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I give particular thanks for His gifts to me of a mind, and of supernatural faith to enlighten it: of granting me strength through faith and knowledge. I ask particularly for forgiveness for making so little use of these gifts, and of wasting them on follies and worse.

Being grounded in faith, having a constant hope, I beg to be granted charity fruitful in meritorious works, lest I fritter away my blessings in anger and selfishness.

I give thanks for the great sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation that have brought me to fight as a Christian, and of the ever-new sacraments of the Blessed Eucharist and of Penance, ever giving life to me and restoring life to me, lifting me up. I give thanks for Holy Church, in whose Communion I find saints and angels to aid me; in whom I find the truths of Holy Faith and the beauty of the Sacred Liturgy to bless me, mediated to me by priests Catholic and good.

"Pray, hope, don't worry": excellent advice I hope to keep.

Of your charity, as the best possible birthday present, pray for me.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Josh! Best wishes for the rest of 2009 and for 2010.

Prayer said for you.

Rob A

Joshua said...

Thanks, Rob!

Schutz said...

And we give God thanks for you, Josh! Happy Birthday!

Kiran said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Joshua! I hope the next year brings many blessings! Shall pray!

Mark M said...

Well, happy birthday Joshua!! God bless you indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good day! Enjoy your Octave!