Monday, November 2, 2009


I had the itch to go out for a drive this afternoon, but rather overdid it... having spent close to six hours on the road, and covered over 400 km, I now think a good bushwalk would have been better! For the record, I drove down through the Midlands until I reached the Fingal Valley turnoff, then went up through Avoca, Fingal and St Mary's, turned down Elephant Pass but took the slightly easier St Mary's Pass through to the sunny East Coast, drove up to St Helens, but then, rather than take the Weldborough Pass through to Scottsdale, I retraced my route down past Scamander, then - rather than go up to St Mary's - I took the coast road down to Bicheno, then down cross-country toward Swansea (by this stage I was regretting my earlier enthusiasm), took the Lake Leake road through to Campbell Town, and finally returned north to Launceston via the Midlands Highway. The countryside was nice to see, but now I'm pooped.

All of this faffing around puts me in mind of Newman's saying, "We walk to heaven backward".

As it's All Souls day, when not frantically zooming down the highway, I have been reading the Day Hours of this solemn Commemoration. Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory!

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