Friday, November 13, 2009

The World will Hate You

"We didn't destroy Mecca because we didn't want to have to deal with a fatwa" - so said Roland Emmerich, who was more than happy to feign the destruction of St Peter's in his latest disaster movie, 2012 (itself based upon some ludicrous misinterpretation of the ancient Mayan calendar as somehow - why? - foretelling the end of the world in that year). I love disaster movies (there's a little bit of a love for the Apocalypse in all of us - may this world pass away, and the Lord come! Maranatha!), but I shan't be going to see this one!

Isn't it interesting that the enemies of religion don't dare attack the "religion of peace", but are overjoyed to express their hatred for our most Holy Faith? Well they know the violent reception they would get... Indeed, to the scoffers and sinners it may appear expedient to kick the Church when she is down, for the crimes of her members are a scandal and a fearful wound that frustrates her witness, a witness already dulled by the mediocrity of many; whereas Islam shews no sign of going soft, but further extends its mass of followers worldwide. We need, not armies, but saints, to persuade the world and call them to love, not hatred.

Emmerich apparently has contempt for 'organized' religion - as opposed to smarmy unmoralistic amorphous 'spirituality' of a gnostic sort I suppose - and pushes the cause of so-called "gay rights", or rather of moral turpitude. These days, most attacks on the Church are because now, following Nietzsche, men wish not just to call evil good, they wish to force believers to do so as well - but we will never swerve from the truth, God willing, even if, like the Baptist, we are martyred for our stedfastness.

How about Dawkins, that clever scientist but dumb would-be philosopher, and how in a recent interview he spoke of the Archbishop of Canterbury as a sincere and kindly man (so Anglicanism is apparently acceptable to atheists), while he went on to spew forth the vilest anti-Catholic rhetoric - the sort of foaming-at-the-mouth denunciation of the Church as a whore that was stock-in-trade for Protestant bigots. Does Dawkins even know that he was misquoting the Apocalypse?

As Newman said, if the Church be the true Bride, the true Mystical Body of Christ (Who suffered the hatred of the world, which prepared His Cross to torment Him), then, paradoxically but logically, she more than any other will also resemble Christ's Adversary, Anti-Christ (who has to seem a plausible simulacrum, else he would deceive no one). It is for this reason that both the world's hatred is directed against her, and even would-be Christians will attack her. But God is powerful to draw good even out of evil.

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