Monday, November 2, 2009

Change of Plans

I had been planning to travel to New Zealand in January, but I've changed my mind for various reasons, and now hope to go there in May.

Instead of travelling east, I will go north-west after Christmas: it's the off-peak season in Europe. At this stage, I would be thinking of leaving around New Year, and going initially of course to Rome, then probably the U.K. - Bp Jarrett is forever reminding me to visit Farnborough, and so does Rob (both of whom have spent time there recently), and I could do with seeing London, Oxford, Walsingham and so forth... plus of course I must visit my ancestral homeland of Scotland.

Any suggestions?


Brennan said...

Looking forward to seeing you again in Rome. ACCC Conference is 4-8 January in Rome.

Joshua said...

That'll be good then - I can hopefully attend some of their Masses and other public services; will there be any public lectures?