Monday, June 15, 2009

Breviary Misprint Again

The Nova et Vetera edition of the 1962 Breviary incorrectly gives St Gregory Barbarigo's feast as occurring on the 15th of June (Vol. II, p. 644) - that should be (as in the Calendar) the 17th of June.

Please don't think me curmudgeonly, this edition is really very fine and handy, it's just that I do feel bound to note its misprints, especially as some reviewers overtly contrasted its purity of text with the F.S.S.P. reprint edition.


Anonymous said...

Drat! I only noticed this once you pointed it out. I did wonder why the commemoration was printed before St Gregory's office, but then I'd said Vespers by the time I realised why!

Joshua said...

1. Check the Calendar.
2. Check the Ordo.