Monday, June 8, 2009

Athanasian Creed

It's been good to begin using my new '62 Breviary from Nova et Vetera; and to celebrate, I've gone back to reading the full Office, Matins included (which Hour I find I can pray very pleasantly in bed before arising).  Yesterday being Trinity Sunday, Prime included - as once it did on every green Sunday - the great confession of Trinitarian faith known as the Athanasian Creed; here it is.

Imagine a certain clergyman of my acquaintance, who as a young Anglican choirboy would have sung this on sundry feasts as the BCP directs; I guess very few Anglicans would stomach it now.

(I am sorry to report a glaring misprint in this Nova et Vetera edition, by the way; on page 17 of volume II, it reads Aqualis Patri, instead of Æqualis Patri.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, good old Quicumque Vult... I remember it well from my Anglican days, though I'm sure you're right - outside of Prayerbook congregations, I dare say it's no longer said.

Re Nova et Vetera, I never even noticed that, and even read it as Æqualis!

Joshua said...

The Anglicans here in Tasmania are now very Low, and tending toward the happy-clappy; I can't imagine the Quicumque forming part of their services.

As for the misprint, I must confess I was deliberately reading carefully so as to spot any misprints...