Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Virgo Dei Genitrix

This is the hymn that was sung at the Missa cantata at Colebrook, during the Offertory; it will be noticed that the first verse has the same text as the verse of the Gradual of the Common of Our Lady, and thus tied in very well to the sacred Liturgy:

1. Virgo Dei Genitrix, quem totus non capit orbis:
In tua se clausit viscera factus homo.
2. Vera fides Geniti purgavit crimina mundi,
Et tibi virginitas inviolata manet.
3. Te matrem pietatis, opem te clamitat orbis:
Subvenias famulis, O benedicta, tuis.
4. Gloria magna Patri, compar sit gloria Nato,
Spiritui Sancto gloria magna Deo.

(1. O Virgin Mother of God, He Whom the whole world does not contain, enclosed Himself in thy womb, being made man.
(2. True faith in thy begotten Son has cast out the sins of the world, and for thee virginity remains inviolate.
(3.  Thou art the Mother of divine love, Thou the aiding power the world cries out to: come in aid, O blessed one, of thy servants.
(4.  Great glory be to the Father, equal glory to the Son, great glory to God the Holy Spirit.  Amen.)

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