Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mentibus nostris

I was greatly consoled at Confession this morning with the Collect of to-day, Whit Saturday, and the words of Matins and Lauds (which I read before and after): the Sacramental grace, of rededication to the Holy Ghost and to His light and guidance, to His indwelling, is so well expressed in these phrases:

Mentibus nostris, quæsumus, Domine, Spiritum Sanctum benignus infunde: cujus et sapientia conditi sumus, et providentia gubernamur.  Per... in unitate ejusdem...

(Into our minds, we beseech, Lord, benignly pour forth the Holy Ghost: of Whose wisdom we were created, and by Whose providence we are governed.  Through... in the unity of the same...)

I often recall the Thomistic axiom named the principle of predilection (beloved of Garrigou-Lagrange): that one thing would not be greater than another or graced more than another did not God love it more (S.T., I, xx, 3); in humble truth I do feel very graced and gifted and therefore beloved of God, since He has always cared for me and guided me through thick and thin, and so I bow to His Holy Spirit in Whose wisdom I was created and by Whose providence I am governed.  Glory be to God!

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