Tuesday, June 9, 2009

St Columba, Abbot

Thank goodness for the Ordo!  As Ronald Knox once joked, being without one can lead to such incidents as this drollery in a parish bulletin: "Last Friday was Good Friday, but as this was overlooked, we will observe it next Friday."

Here in Australia, the '62 Calendar has to-day, the 9th of June, marked down as the 3rd class feast of St Columba, Abbot (with commemoration of SS Primus and Felician); all is from the Common, even the Collect; and as I haven't the proper 3rd Lesson to hand, that, too, will come from the Common - the relevant rubric (n. 221 b.) states that Si vero festum careat lectionibus propriis, pro tertia lectione sumitur quarta de Communi ("If however the feast lacks proper lessons, for the third lesson the fourth is taken from the Common") - so I will read the first portion of Chrysostom's panegyric on St Philogonius, changing the name to Columba where the red N. is marked in the reading!

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