Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well, I'm Back

After a quick and pleasant flight - spent finishing reading Dr Tracey's new book, after starting it last night before going to bed - I got back to a deliciously cool Perth at 7.55am local time (2 hours retarded with respect to the East). I did enjoy her masterly tome; my only quibble, aside from regretting some few proofreading errors that O.U.P. must have missed, would be - because of my philosophy studies under Dr Hayden Ramsay, and my interactions with learned Dominicans who seek to rehabilitate Garrigou-Lagrange - that she is a bit too dismissive of strict Thomists, agreeing too readily with those contentions of de Lubac that seem to me to mix the natural and supernatural orders all promiscuously together; but I digress.

To return to my narrative: after grabbing my bags, Steve kindly collected me at the airport and drove me home; then I headed off pronto, fitting in Lauds, and got to Fr Rowe's 9am Low Mass (of Our Lady on Saturday, with additional orations of the Holy Ghost and for the Pope). It was good, very good to make my kneeling communion: I always recall that Byzantine anthem, to the effect that the Theotokos bore in her most pure womb Him Whom the whole cosmos cannot contain - and this is He Who comes to this sinful body!

For my thanksgiving, as I'd missed the Traditional Propers of last Sunday, I prayed those texts as it were as a Dry Mass: Introit, Kyrie, Gloria, Collect, Epistle, Double Alleluia, Gospel, Offertory, Secret, Easter Preface, Sanctus, Per ipsum, Praeceptis, Pater noster, Libera nos, Pax Domini, Agnus Dei, D. J. C. Fili Dei vivi..., Communion, Postcommunion, Benedicamus Domino and Benedicat (not being a deacon or higher, I used Domine, exaudi orationem meam... rather than Dominus vobiscum; likewise, Pax... nobiscum. Amen., Benedicamus not Ite, and Benedicat nos..., not vos). This is a form of devotion I sometimes use: Carthusian monks use a very similar form daily, whether in orders or not, as part of their Little Office of Our Lady.

After Mass, Fr and helpers got set up for a baptism (which explains the number of parents and kiddies present today), but I felt the need to slink off for a coffee and a snack. As I write, it is already just past noon back in Melbourne: this must be how Br Luke at Tarrawarra Abbey feels, as he sings Sext with the brethren after their lunch, and prepares for the monastic siesta to follow...

Best of all, I still have another week of holiday, and will have plenty of time to read all the books I've bought, plus hear Mass, attend devotions - the Brothers of the Oratory meet on the 23rd - go for long walks and generally relax, whether by myself or in good company with my mates here in Perth. Wonderful.

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