Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cookery and Drink-ery

A sample of what I've whipped up and partaken of:

1. Yestereven: some stew - and a bottle of Chimay White - for Rob my guest, Steve and myself, before a screening of my DVD of "Kundun" (very apposite, no?); the stew, my own concoction, contained beef mince, bacon, ham, and turkey leg meat (would have been better with some stewing steak and chorizos, but I was making do with leftovers), with chickpeas and butter beans, in tomato puree, with onions, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, olive oil, chicken stock (there being no beef stock to hand) and some extra seasoning as for a goulash - all served on mashed potatoes. (I wished I'd bought some sour cream.) For dessert, pears cooked in red wine with sugar, cinnamon and cloves, served with custard. (This desert is better with the pears standing upright, robed in Chantilly cream - cream whipped with castor sugar and vanilla - in which case it is called Pears Cardinal.) A cup of tea washed it all down nicely.

2. Tonight, home alone, a "scratch tea", after my walk: bottle of Chimay Blue (why not treat myself?), with leftover stew, some cashews to nibble on, and the last of the custard. Not bad at all.

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