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St Isidore, Pray for the Internet

After First Friday Holy Hour (Exposition and Benediction, with Litany and prayers to the Sacred Heart, as well as silent adoration and confession), we had Low Mass of St Isidore, Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor - and were reminded that, among other things, he is (unofficial) patron saint of the Internet, and therefore should be invoked for all those who surf the Net, that they wisely use and not abuse it.

In the 1962 Roman Missal, his feast is wholly from the Common of Doctors. The postconciliar Office and Mass has a proper Collect:

Exaudi, quæsumus, Domine, preces nostras, quas in beati Isidori commemoratione deferimus, ut Ecclesia tua ejus intercessionibus adiuvetur, cujus cælestibus instruitur disciplinis. Per...

(Graciously hear, we beseech Thee, Lord, our prayers, which we bring forth in commemoration of blessed Isidore, that Thy Church by his intercessions be aided, by whose heavenly disciplines she was instructed. Through...)

Better still, the modern Mozarabic Missal has a proper Mass for this great Spanish saint, who is feasted in that Rite on the 22nd of December; the texts can be found at La Ermita. (The prayers for St Isidore are, I think, actually from the Common of Confessors...)

As St Isidore himself explained in his Ecclesiastical Offices, the old Spanish Mass has seven variable prayers, as instanced below (not counting the prayer after the Gloria nor that after Communion, which were later additions in imitation of the Roman Mass; nor counting the Blessing before Communion, as not a prayer strictly speaking; and considering the Illation and Post-Sanctus as one prayer). These seven prayers are: an opening exhortation to the people - all prayers in this Rite have a tendency to become mini-sermons; a prayer before the recitation of the Diptychs, the lists of the living and the dead and the saints; a prayer after these "Names", explicitly offering up the Sacrifice for the living and the dead and in honour of the saints; a prayer at the Peace, praying for peace; the Illation or Preface, plus the Post-Sanctus, answering to the praise of God offered up at the start of the Eucharistic Prayer proper, for in this Rite only the very Words of Consecration are fixed; the Post Pridie, an anamnetic, oblationary, and epicletic formula filling out the Eucharistic Prayer; and finally the variable prayer introducing the "Our Father".

The Latin of the Mozarabic Rite I find quite difficult; it is obviously rather different to that of the Roman Liturgy. Running the Spanish version of the original through Google's automatic translator, and polishing the results, gives:

Prayer after the Gloria

Confessóris tui beatíssimi Isidóri annua recussióne, Dómine, memóriam sollémniter recoléntes, supérnæ grátiæ aspersióne locupléta. Ut qui nunc festa devóto proséquimur anníssu, eius quoque pérpetum cleménti regántur et protegántur intúitu. R/. Amen.
Per misericórdiam tuam, Deus noster, qui es benedíctus et vivis et ómnia regis in sæcula sæculórum. R/. Amen.

(Give us, O Lord, your grace as abundant dew on the solemn feast of Saint Isidore your confessor; may he guide us with perpetual protection, to whom we offer this devout tribute. R/. Amen.
Through Thy mercy, our God, Who art blessed, and livest, and rulest all things forever through the ages of the ages. R/. Amen.)

Prayer of Admonition

Diem hunc, dilectíssimi fratres, omni nobis veneratióne digníssimum, in quo beatíssimus conféssor Isidórus quod corde crédidit, ore proféssus: ad ætérnam glóriam vocátus est, débitis láudibus honorémus, omnipoténtis Dei cleméntiam postulántes, ut, qui eum se confiténtem hódie íntulit in cælis, nos credéntes ac confiténtes se iustíficet a delíctis; ut, qui hodiérno die Confessóris venerámur sollémnia, ad confessiónis mereámur perveníre corónam. R/. Amen.
Per misericórdiam tuam, Deus noster, qui es benedíctus et vivis et ómnia regis in sæcula sæculórum. R/. Amen.

(Celebrating with appropriate praise, dearest brothers, this day, which for us is worthy of the utmost reverence, when our illustrious confessor Isidore, expressing with his lips the faith held in his heart, was called to glory eternal, let us implore the mercy of God Almighty, that, as today he led his confessor to the heavens, may we, who believe in him and proclaim it, be justified from sins: and so, may we, who this day revere the solemnity of his confessor, reach the crown of confession. R/. Amen.
Through Thy mercy, our God, Who art blessed, and livest, and rulest all things forever through the ages of the ages. R/. Amen.)

Another [Prayer] [before the Diptychs}

Deus, qui confessórum remúneras fidem, et confiténdi tibi præpáras voluntátem, oblátas tibi in hoc festo confessóris tui Isidóri hóstias intuére, ut qui, eius memóriam faciéntes, nostra tibi confitémur delícta, Confessóris tui obténtu perducámur ad véniam. R/. Amen.
Per misericórdiam tuam, Deus noster, in cuius conspéctu sanctórum Apostolórum et Mártyrum, Confessórum atque Vírginum nómina recitántur. R/. Amen.

(O God, Who rewardest confessors of the faith, and preparest the will to confess unto Thee; look favourably upon the offerings unto Thee on the holiday of your confessor Isidore, so those celebrating his memory, confessing unto Thee our sins, may obtain, through Thy Confessor, Thy forgiveness. R/. Amen.
Through Thy mercy, our God, in Whose presence we recite the names of saints and apostles, Martyrs, Confessors and Virgins. R/. Amen.)

[Prayer] After the Names

Christe Dei Fílius, qui non víctima pásceris, sed puræ mentis confessióne placáris, offeréntium fac tibi acceptábile votum, et defúnctis dona consórtium beatórum; quo in huis confessóris tui Isidóri commemoratióne, et confessiónes a te accepténtur vivéntium, et réquies concedátur spirítibus sepultórum. R/. Amen.
Quia tu es vita vivórum, sánitas infirmórum ac réquies ómnium fidélium defunctórum in ætérna sæcula sæculórum. R/. Amen.

(Christ, Son of God, Who dost not feed on victims but art pleased by the simple confession of the soul, be pleased to accept our offerings and give the dead the company of the saints, so that in this commemoration of Thy confessor Isidore, Thou mayest receive the confession of those who live and grant rest to the souls of those already buried. R/. Amen.
Because Thou art the life of those who live, the health of the sick, and the rest of all the faithful departed, for ever and ever. R/. Amen.)

Prayer at the Peace

Deus qui confiténtium es coróna, dissidéntium périme iúrgia, dans ómnibus nobis ita pacis tuæ repléri ex múnere, sicut conféssor tuus Isidórus confessiónis cláruit dignitáte. R/. Amen.
Quia tu es vera pax nostra et cáritas indisrúpta, vivis tecum et regnas cum Spíritu Sancto, unus Deus, in sæcula sæculórum. R/. Amen.

(O God, Who art the crown of confessors, end the intrigues of dissidents, fill everyone with the gift of your peace, as did St. Isidore shine with the brilliance of his confession. R/. Amen.
Because Thou art our true peace and charity indivisible; Who livest with Thyself [?!] and reignest with the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. R/. Amen.)

Illation [i.e. (start of the ) Anaphora, Offering; equivalent to the Preface]

Dignum et iustum est nos tibi grátias agere, Dómine, sancte Pater æterne omnipotens Deus, per Iesum Christum Fílium tuum Dóminum nostrum, qui est coróna iustítiæ, arbor vitæ, palma victóriæ. A quo Confessórum dirécta fides non discréta martýrio, sed uníta martyriáli promerétur decorári victória, cum etsi non sint adépti, fuso sánguine martýrii necem, non tamen sunt discréti a martýribus in virtúte, dum hostem quem illi pátula dimicatióne exsúperant, isti intérius calcant; et quem illi extérius per vúlnera apérta devíncunt, hunc isti intrórsus périmunt specialiter, resisténtes et colluctántes advérsus príncipes tenebrárum, et illécebras aérium potestátum, ut temporále tribulatióne purgáti quod Mártyres sánguine hoc isti ex confessióne mereántur accípere. Quod étiam hunc virum, vere beátum pleníssima egísse devotióne crédimus et fatémur, qui te diléxit in vita, ténuit in consciéntia, prædicávit doctrína. Confessorum rétinens gradum, confessiónis pervénit ad triúmphum, labiórum suórum confessióne, laudándo poténtiam Unigéniti Fílii tui, quem non erúbuit in córpore coram homínibus confitéri. Ipsum Dóminum et Salvatórem nostrum, quem colláudant Ángeli atque Archángeli, ita dicéntes:

(It is dignified and fair that we thank Thee, Holy Father, Lord, almighty and eternal God, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord, Who is the crown of justice, the tree of life, the palm of victory. By Whom the line of confessors of the faith, not from martyrdom separate, but linked to it, attains the same victory of the martyrs, because even if they have not attained the death of martyrdom by shedding their blood, they are no different to the martyrs in their strength. The same enemy that those defeat in open struggle, they defeat interiorly. And like those that die externally, by open wounds, these are given death on the inside, spiritually resisting and fighting against the prince of darkness and the assemblies of the powers of the air so that, in temporary tribulation, what the martyrs deserve for their blood, they attain by their confession. We believe and confess this holy man did with full devotion love Thee all his life, kept Thee in his conscience and preached Thee by his doctrine; remaining within the rank of confessors, he arrived at the triumph of confession, praising the power of Thine only begotten Son, without being ashamed to give witness to Him before men. The same our Lord and Saviour, Whom the angels and archangels praise, saying:)

After the Sanctus:

Vere sanctus, pius et admirábilis es, Dómine Deus noster, qui hodiérno die, et confessóris tui Isidóri ínnovas glóriam, et confiténtium éxcitas vota. Ut cum éidem qui tibi confessióne plácuit confiténtes obséquimur, nostrum pótius excitémus afféctum, dum quidquid illi impéndimus laudis, nostræ sit causa salútis. Has ergo hóstias in tanti viri commemoratióne offeréntes, precámur, ut qui eius hoc die ánimam in confessióne tui nóminis suscepísti, nobis tríbuas voluntátem te veráciter confiténdi. Per Christum Dóminum ac Redemptórem ætérnum.

(Holy indeed, admirable and pious art Thou, Lord our God, Who on this day renewest the glory of Thy Confesor Isidore and receivest the good desires of those who confess Thee. So, by offering our gifts with him who pleased Thee by his confession, excite further our affections and may all the praise that he wins be for us the cause of salvation. By offering therefore these gifts in the commemoration of such an exalted man, please, as today Thou didst receive his soul at the confession of Thy name, grant us the desire to confess truth. Through Christ, our Lord and eternal Redeemer.)

After "The Day before..."

Confessóris tui Isidóri memóriam faciéntes, qui te inter advérsa confitéri non déstitit, actu plácuit, oratióne quæsívit, perfectióne invénit; te quæsumus, te rogámus, ut his víctimis tibi ob honórem eius oblátis, cleménter illábi iubeas, et ex his suméntibus peccáta dimíttas, atque confessiónis grátia glorificándos attóllas. R/. Amen.
Te præstánte, sancte Dómine, quia tu hæc ómnia nobis indígnis servis tuis valde bona creas, sanctíficas, vivíficas, benedícis ac præstas nobis, ut sint benedícta a te Deo nostro in sæcula sæculórum. R/. Amen.

(Celebrating the memory of Thy Confessor Isidore, who did not cease to confess Thee in adversities, to please Thee by his actions, to seek Thee in prayer, and whom Thou didst discover in holiness; supplicating that Thou penetrate deeply with Thy blessing these offerings presented unto Thee in his honour, forgive the sins of those who participate in them and raise us to be glorified by the grace of confession. R/. Amen.
Grant this, holy Lord, because for us, Thine unworthy servants, Thou dost create all these things exceeding good, hallow, enliven, and bless, that they be blessed by Thee, our God, for ever and ever. R/. Amen.)

At the Lord's Prayer

Christe Deus, qui per Apóstolum tuum oris confessiónem ad salútem prodésse dixísti, Confessóris tui Isidóri précibus, cónsule nostræ salúti, ut cum ea quæ corde crédimus, ore proféssi fuérimus, a te exaudíri mereámur e terris:

(Christ God, Who by Thine Apostle didst say that the confession of the mouth builds toward salvation, through the intercession of Thy Confessor St. Isidore, preserve our salvation, so that, in mouth confessing what we carry in our heart, we may deserve to be heard by Thee from the earth:)


Dóminus Iesus Christus qui est confessórum remunerátio, confessóris sui Isidóri suffrágio, vos sanctæ confessiónis muníficet dono. R/. Amen.
Detque vobis se confiténdi votum, qui éidem confessiónis cóntulit præmium. R/. Amen.
Ut tanti Confessóris imitándo exémplum, ad cæléste mereámini perveníre promíssum. R/. Amen.
Per misericórdiam ipsíus Christi Dei nostri, qui cum Patre et Spíritu Sancto, unus Deus, vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculórum. R/. Amen.

(May our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the crown of confessors, through the intercession of his confessor Isidore, dowry you with the gift of holy confession. R/. Amen.
And give the desire to confess, as he was awarded the confession. R/. Amen.
For imitating the example of such a great confessor, may you deserve to reach the promised heaven. R /. Amen.
By the mercy of Christ our God Himself, Who with the Father and the Holy Ghost, one God, lives and reigns for ever and ever. R /. Amen.)

[Prayer of] Completion

Tuam, clementíssime Pater, súpplices exorámus cleméntiam, ut hodiérna sollémnia quæ pro beatíssimi confessóris tui Isidóri veneratióne suscépimus, ipse tibi comméndes. Et sicut illi corónam sanctæ perfectiónis tribuísti, ita nobis, eius intercessióne, ómnium delictórum véniam et indulgéntiam largiáris. R/. Amen.
Per misericórdiam tuam, Deus noster qui es benedíctus et vivis et ómnia regis in sæcula sæculórum. R/. Amen.

(We invoke Thy mercy, Father most clement, asking Thee to accept the solemnities held today in honour of Thy holy confessor Isidore. And as Thou didst give the crown of holy perfection to him, so may Thou grant to us, at his intercession, forgiveness and forbearance of all our crimes. R /. Amen.
Through Thy mercy, our God, Who art blessed, and live and govern everything, for ever and ever. R /. Amen.)

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