Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Lucky Two Thousandth?

Most of my readers must live on other continents - i.e. in Europe or in North America - because every time I finish blogging late at night, sleep, and then check the counter the next morning over breakfast (sad, I know, but true), lo and behold! there is a jump in visits.

The rate of visits has also increased, from about 10 a day to 25 a day; and, as my friend and fellow Aussie blogger David Schutz linked to my post about Mass at the Cathedral in Melbourne, and then the worthy Fr Z linked to his post, the number of readers has spiked.

Since I am inquisitive, I like to get any comments people may be willing to make, to see who's reading my blog; but few contribute. :-(

Now, according to the counter, I will soon have had 2000 visits to Psallite Sapienter, whereas I had only marked the first 1000 visits on the 11th of March this year, having turned the counter on back on the 11th of December last; so best wishes to the lucky 2000th visitor.

I hope that all my readers find something good, natural or supernatural, here, overlook whatever may be bad, and raise their minds to God and pray for all, sparing an intercession for me.

P.S. Having investigated further all the information my site meter can give me about visitors to this blog, I discover a reader in Iran!
Khosh Amadid!


Past Elder said...


I only recently added a counter to my blog -- the other one, Aussie too I think. Probably should have added both to see which is the more useful.

If you see a Who's On from Omaha, that's probably me -- although other than Schuetz' I don't generally visit Catholic blogs unless following a link, and his only because he turns up on Pastor Weedon's blog.

I've noted vistors from Mother England -- Doorman Priest maybe -- more than any other outside the US on my blog.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Bunbury!
Also, Mother now reads.

My sister played a trick on me when I had a blog, and changed her localisation settings to Latvia, and I thought I had a visitor from there x(


Past Elder said...

Looking more carefully, I see that by country, after the US with by far the most, then "Unknown", I'm visited by -- Australia the most!

By state after Unknown it's Illinois, but the first non US state or region is -- Victoria! And by city after Unknown it's Chicago and the first non US city is -- Melbourne! And the second Sydney in NSW.

Oddly enough, the country or regions or city that turn up most after those who are or at one time have been part of the British Empire is France. I'm pleased to see hits from Malta and Signapore! I really should have started this counter thing long ago -- I began just commenting as Anonymous, then set up the Past Elder identity, then began posting my own blog a little over a year ago, so I guess we learn by stages.