Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catholic Humour

Thinking on the names of the Coo-ees' Priory participants - as I went on a walk up around the Cataract Gorge and back (after Confession), noting the peacocks and pademelons (small wallabies) looking the worse for wear in this humid heat, with only a fat little lizard scurrying quickly over the path - reminded me of some old jokes about religious, and gave me material for new ones:
  • At the Abbey of St Flossy (you know, St Flossy of the Broken Fingernail and the Tabernacle Doorkey), where Mother Abbess regularly reminds her daughters that "all change is pernicious," there is an ongoing battle between the severe, stout, matronly sacristan, Sr Mary Mediatrix of the Sacred Liturgy (seconded by her protege Sr Ciborium), and their new priest-chaplain Fr Gabriel Annunciator of the Second Advent with his offsider and server Br Baldacchino, the latter being (as their names suggest) members of that recent and flamboyant order of the Heralds of the Gospel or whatnot (whom, to quote from, ahem, Wikipedia, "strive for perfection, while always searching for the pulchritude in all their daily actions, even in the most private ones" - indeed...).  
  • Imagine the scene when, Sr Ciborium at the behest of her immediate superior having just arranged the flowers in their vases on all seven levels of the reredos of the High Altar, Fr Gabriel announces as he arrives that he's to say a Low Mass of Requiem, so down the flowers must come - imagine the scene, when Sr Mediatrix (as she prefers to be called) demands the usual Votive Mass of St Flossy their patron saint, only to be told by Fr Gabriel that, as he is to offer Mass in the Ordinary Form (cruel blow), and in the wider Church St Flossy is at best accorded an Optional Memorial once a year, seeing as it is his prerogative to choose which particular Mass is best for the congregation... battle lines are drawn!
And why is it that over at Australia Incognita the latest posting on Coo-ees' Priory is recorded, under "Ozz [sic] Blogs", before it appears at Coo-ees' Priory?  Several times I've clicked on the link to their most recent effusion, only to be told it doesn't exist - then to find it does after all, just not for several more hours (as happened with their item about Frs Mick & Pat Dobson).  Congratulations to Terra for having a faster-than-light internet connexion; or should I say, Sr Magdalene?

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Kate Edwards said...

Weird (I always new Tas was lagging behind the rest of Oz but...), but no, definitely not Sr M!