Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Not content with running commercials on my blog, I now suggest readers follow my example of self-advertising: Give blood!

(I've just been this morning to donate plasma at the local donor centre, which seems to me an easy corporal work of mercy for the public good; and seeing afterward a rather large stuffed toy, obviously meant to be a bloodhound*, ha ha, gave me the idea to at least suggest others take up this practice or return to it, if, like me, they've not donated for a while.)

Remember, The blood is the life (cf. Leviticus xvii).

* The bloodhound is also called a St Hubert hound, the breed supposedly deriving from hounds bred at the monastery of St Hubert in Belgium a thousand years ago.  St Hubert, BTW, was first bishop of Liege, after having been converted from an excessive love of hunting by a vision one Good Friday - his remains were later translated to the aforementioned abbey, but were lost at the Reformation; and St Hubert remains patron of amongst other things hunting and hounds!  (His feast day is the 3rd of November.)

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