Friday, September 29, 2017

Correctio Filialis

In the spirit of St Catherine of Siena, who venerated the office of Pope while fearlessly speaking the truth to power when addressing the all too human holder of that office, urging him ever to do his duty:

Remember, scratch a liberal, find a fascist! Fear not, but with courage support this vital endeavour:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Parisian Sequence for Our Lady's Nativity

From the 1738 Paris Missal comes this Sequence for Our Lady's Nativity:
1. Gaudii primordium,
Et salutis nuntium
Diem nostræ canimus.
2. Quæ dat hora Virginem,
Spondet Deum hominem:
En venit quem quærimus. 
3. Quam in matrem eligit,
Hujus ortum dirigit,
Deus omnis gratiæ.
4. Domum quam inhabitet,
Mox e qua nos visitet
Ornat Sol justitiæ. 
5. Quot micat luminibus,
Suis Deus usibus,
Quod vas fingit gloriæ!
6. Quot latent miracula!
Fiet hæc nubecula
In vim magnam pluviæ. 
7. Benedicta Filia,
Tota plena gratia,
Tota sine macula.
8. Cæli quod jam habitas,
Pande nobis semitas,
Prece, Virgo, sedula. 
9. Iram promeruimus,
Christe; pacem petimus:
Hanc da matris precibus.
10. Ut in nobis maneas,
Corda nostra præbeas
Pura culpis omnibus.
Amen. (Alleluja.)
And, thanks to Google Translate taking a French translation from the Schola Sainte Cecile's website, here is an English version:
We celebrate the day that begins our joy, the day that announces our salvation.
The moment that gives birth to the Virgin Mary promises us a God-man: the one we are expecting will appear.
The God of all grace, who chose Mary for her mother, presides over her birth: he overwhelms her with his blessings.
The Sun of Justice decorates with his gifts the house he wishes to inhabit, and from which he comes to make himself visible to men.
With what glory must shine this precious vessel, which God takes care to form for himself!
What prodigies are here confined! It is a little cloud which rises, but which will yield for us a fertile and abundant rain.
Holy and blessed daughter, filled with the graces of the Lord, pure and spotless virgin:
Pray for us unceasingly, O holy Virgin, and open to us by this means the entrance of heaven, where you dwell.
We have deserved thine anger, O Jesus; we sigh after our reconciliation: grant it at the prayers of thy Mother.
So that we may be a dwelling worthy of thee, O Lord, deign to purify our hearts from all sin. Amen. Alleluia.