Monday, January 12, 2009

Manifeste magnum est

To-day, the 12th of January, is the last of the ferias of Epiphanytide (or days in the quasi-Octave if you prefer), and has the following very striking text from I Timothy iii, 16 - a summary of the whole economy of salvation - for its Benedictus antiphon:

Manifeste magnum est pietatis sacramentum, quod manifestatum est in carne, justificatum est in spiritu, apparuit Angelis, prædicatum est gentibus, creditum est in mundo, assumptum est in gloria, alleluja.

(Manifestly* great is the mystery of piety, which was manifested* in the flesh, justified in the spirit, appeared unto Angels, was preached unto gentiles, believed in the world, taken up in glory, alleluia.)

[* Recall that Epiphany means manifestation.]

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