Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unpacking - II

I really have been unpacking - all day.  (My car, too, has finally arrived from the West, so I'm well-pleased; for my recent trip down south I had to borrow one.)  

While there's still a lot still to sort out, at least I've set up all my books, CD's, etc. in my study, providing some semblance of due order.  I decided the only way to make enough room was to move anything non-theological elsewhere (making exceptions for Latin, Greek, Hebrew and philosophy, as propædutics to theology); so the sun room now has about eight more shelves of books in it as well!  I finally found enough space here in the study for everything by running the breviaries, missals and Guéranger's Liturgical Year along the mantelpiece over the blocked-up fireplace (which is back-to-back with the hearth in the next room).

I could bore readers further with minutiæ, but instead I'll ask for suggestions, as I'm thinking I really must get around to subscribing to some magazines, and not just idly read blogs and call myself informed.  How about this list:

  • The Latin Mass magazine (is it still going? I haven't subscribed for years);
  • Oriens (Australian Traddie publication);
  • StAR (St Austin Review - sorta kinda cultural);
  • Communio (probably very expensive, but I was given some years' of back issues, and I like to read real theology, not just basic stuff);
  • First Things;
  • The Priest (journal of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy - good to see what the black shirt brigade are up to);
  • AD 2000 (Australian orthodox Catholic news coverage);
  • The Catholic (piety from the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer);
  • Missio Immaculatæ International (some Immaculate Franciscans were hawking it recently).

Any suggestions pro, con or in addition?  Do tell!


Kate Edwards said...

A somewhat eclectic collection.

In the end it comes down to what you can afford and want to spend!

I'd see if you can get Communio (I too liked the idea of getting it but took a look and not quite as rewarding a read as it seemed to promise!) and a few others of these from a library on Hobart or Melbourne visits! Similarly, if you can bear to wait, First Things goes online a couple of months after publication...

The Oz ones seem an obvious priority - you might also consider Fidelity.

Also take a look at New Oxford Review - entertaining and interesting (if a little extremist at times). I'm personally less enamoured of Christian Order, but it has a following among traddies and some good articles from time to time.

Another useful one to consider for some readily digestible theology is Homiletic and Pastoral Review (edited by the excellent Fr Kenneth Baker SJ).

Joshua said...

I'm an eclectic kinda guy...

Hobart has no such items available; the Apple Isle is a theological desert. (An unpleasant priest of my acquaintance here had precisely one shelf of theology books, all of which were bought before 1968, or so it seemed.) The only place where theology books are accessible is the Morris Miller Library at the University of Tasmania's main Hobart campus, thanks to Archbishop Young having made a very large donation of such works in about 1970.

When I lived in Marvellous Melbourne, I could easily access and read all manner of theological journals; but I'm not going to have time on my occasional trips there to sit and read, alas.

I once took Fidelity a very long time ago, but got sick of its whingeing tone: I can read blogs for that! ;-)

H&PR is indeed a worthy suggestion - thank you!

Any others?

Anonymous said...

Usus Antiquor... subscriptions start in July 08...

Joshua said...

Yes, another good idea!

Joshua said...


I've just spent a bit less than two hundred dollars, and subscribed to:

First Things (rather sadly marking the death of Fr Neuhaus; R.I.P.);
Communio (quite cheap at about $60);
AD 2000;
The Catholic.

Very annoyingly, to subscribe to Oriens one must print out a document, fill it in and post it - how archaic! No wonder no one bothers.

To arrange a StAR subscription I'll have to phone the Central Catholic Bookshop in Melbourne (where I once worked)...

I recall that the Latin Mass magazine is very difficult to arrange to subscribe to, and having seen I would have to email someone, etc., I just can't be bothered.

The Priest seems largely online, so neither will I bother with it.

As for H&PR, they have a great offer - for US subscriptions only!!!

Joshua said...

Just one more...

I've arranged for StAR to be delivered as well.

Kate Edwards said...

Oh dear, Tassie is a desert!

Do get Oriens and Fidelity - I think we should support the locals despite the pain and suffering involved! Oriens is hoping to make it easier eventually. And while I had stopped getting Fidelity for similar reasons, I restarted last year and so far its been much more upbeat than I remembered!

I agree with you on Latin Mass - it always sounds like it has good articles, but the couple of times I've tried to obtain back issues, I've received no reply to my emails.

Joshua said...

I will get Oriens, but will leave off Fidelity for the moment I think (having spent rather a lot of money).

Thanks, Terra.

Anonymous said...

Annals Australia!

A nice intelligent journal.

- currently in Fiji airport.