Monday, June 27, 2016

Dominican Ave Regina cælorum – II

Years ago, I blogged on the beautiful and little-known Dominican variant of the Marian anthem Ave Regina cælorum; here is a transcription made to match as closely as possible the Dominican chant thereof (I found a version, albeit with inaccuracies, elsewhere online, and have improved on it):

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Naughty Brits

I am more and more staggered by the way news outlets these days but mouth elite propaganda. Apparently, to paraphrase my betters, the Brits (well, the English and Welsh, or more particularly of those persons all ignorant peasants and poor fools, not the nice and rich overlords amongst them) have been very naughty to vote Leave, and now Nanny Reichskanzler will have to spank them. Let that be a warning not to permit referenda nor plebiscites, as they only lead to hate speech.

On a more positive note, the Scots, having voted throughout their realm to Remain, look likely to press for independence (in order to remain in the EU and give the English a bloody nose), and as I support both Brexit and an independent Scotland, I am happy. All I need now is for Scotland to pass a law whereby all those of Scottish descent can apply for a Scottish passport and I'll be content.

My predictions? In five years' time, England and Wales, possibly still referred to as the United Kingdom (but UKEW not UK), possibly still united to some or all of Northern Ireland, will be perfectly well-off and won't have slid into the sea. And the Kingdom of Scotland will also be quite content as a member of the EU.

Friday, June 3, 2016

A Sequence for the Sacred Heart

From the Mass of the Most Divine Heart of Our Lord, proper to the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, comes this admirable Sequence in worship of that Sacred Heart (verses 1 to 14: 8.8.7.; verses 15 to 18:; verses 19 to 20:; verse 21:

1. Gaudeamus exultantes
Cordis Jesu personantes
Divina præconia.

2. Hæc est dies veneranda
In qua Patris adoranda
Laudamus præcordia.

3. Cor amandum Salvatoris,
Melis fontem et amoris,
Corda cuncta diligant;

4. Cor beatum summi regis,
Cor et vitam novi legis
Omnes linguæ concinant.

5. Sit laus plena, sit immensa,
Sit perennis, sit accensa
Ardoribus pectoris.

6. Laudet, canat orbis totus,
Colat, amet tota virtus
Et cordis et corporis.

7. Ora, manus, sensus, vigor,
Fides viva, parus amor
Cor divinum consonent;

8. Flammis sacris inflammata,
Corda, voces atque facta
Cor amoris prædicent.

9. Cor mirandum Redemptoris
Coadunans terram cælis,
Unitatis speculum,

10. Digna sedes Trinitatis,
Plenitudo Deitatis,
Amoris miraculum.

11. Amoris evangelium,
Puri cordis incendium,
Magna Dei gloria,

12. Cæli nectar vivificans,
Cordis manna deificans,
Amor et lætitia,

13. Cleri sacri præsidium,
Rector benigne cordium,
Nostra rege pectora.

14. Fons æternæ pietatis,
Ardens fornax caritatis,
Corda flammis devora.

15. Domus amoris aurea,
Turris amantum flammea,
Cœtus nostri lex ignea, 
Fons perennis gratiæ,

16. Cor thesaurus sanctitatis,
Abyssus humilitatis, 
Thronus Dei voluntatis
Et centrum clementiæ.

17. Paradisus beatorum,
Consolator afflictorum,
Pax et salus peccatorum,
Cor omnibus omnia.

18. O Jesu, raptor cordium,
Amore flagrans mentium,
Cor tuum trahat omnium
Mentes et præcordia.

19. O Cor summa benignitas,
Immensa liberalitas,
Incomprehensa caritas,
Cordis vera felicitas,
Cor esto supplicibus.

20. Fac nos Jesu flammescentem
Cordis tui caritatem
Et divinam pietatem
Summam quoque sanctitatem
Sanctis sequi moribus.

21. O beata Trinitas,
Cordis Jesu caritas,
Immensæ clementiæ,
Immensæ sint gratiæ,
Æterna est gloria,
Amen dicant omnia.
Amen. Alleluja.