Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Minute Shopping for Candles

Before work on Monday, I should have time to make it to the early Mass at Carmel for Candlemas - but wait! I need candles... (runs to car, drives into down, walks around, locates more-or-less suitable candles) - phew, not bad for a very hot and humid Saturday afternoon after 4pm.

Now I just need to remember to bring them with me.

I hear from a spy in Melbourne that they've already celebrated the Presentation at the Cathedral!  (The archdiocese has a special Candlemas Mass for religious for some reason, which rather oddly is transferred to the nearest Saturday.  Why?  Perhaps because the aged sisters and brothers now resemble SS Simeon and Anna...)

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Anonymous said...

URH!? How weird... it was always a principle, until the latest silly stuff, that you could only transfer later rather than earlier - if that makes sense; I can't think of the right words now.

Hope you remember your candles, and the weather's cooler? The heat can make you forget everything!