Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Server's Privilege

Pursuant to an earlier post, to-day marked my birthday, and Fr Rowe very kindly offered Mass this afternoon for me; it was decided that it was best (since he'd earlier said Mass of St Elizabeth of Hungary) to say Mass of Pope St Pontian (Mass Si diligis me, from the Common of One or Several Supreme Pontiffs), with commemoration of St Elizabeth and third collect (sub una conclusione) of thanksgiving.

These special orations are instructive, as well as descriptive of the innumerable unmerited graces I have received in my unworthy yet remarkably blessed life:

Deus, cujus misericordiæ non est numerus, et bonitatis infinitus est thesaurus: piissimæ majestati tuae pro collatis donis gratias agimus, tuam semper clementiam exorantes; ut qui petentibus postulata concedis, eosdem non deserens, ad præmia futura disponas.  Per...
(God, of Whose mercy there is no number, and of Whose goodness the treasure is infinite: we give thanks to Thy most kindly Majesty for the gifts , ever beseeching Thy clemency, that Thou who to petitioners grantest things asked for, never deserting the same, prepare them for future rewards.  Through... )
Odorem, Domine, sacrificii hujus cum gratiarum actionibus suscipe, et præsta: ut quos exaudire, et incolumes servare dignatus es, ab omni in posterum adversitate custodias; et in tuo servitio, et amore concrescant.  Per...
(Receive the savour, Lord, of this sacrifice with our thanksgivings, and grant: that those whom Thou hast deigned to hear and to conserve safe, Thou mayest keep henceforth from all adversity, to increase both in Thy service and in Thy love.  Through...)
Deus, qui neminem in te sperantem, nimium affligi permittis, sed pium precibus præstas auditum: pro postulationibus nostris votisque susceptis gratias agimus, te piissime deprecantes; ut per hæc quae sumpsimus, a cunctis eripi mereamur adversis.  Per...
(God, Who permittest no one hoping in Thee to be afflicted overmuch, but grantest a kindly hearing to their prayers; for having received our entreaties and desires we give thanks, humbly praying Thee O most kind, that by These Which we have received, we may deserve to be delivered from all adversities.  Through...)

It was my privilege to serve this Mass, the pleading of the one Sacrifice of Christ made present for the living and the dead, to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion - and afterward to exercise server's privilege - that is, to drink what was left in the wine cruet!  As students of liturgy will know, this is the last trace of the purificatory draught of wine formerly ministered to communicants to as it were wash down the Sacrament; as is still done in the Carmelite Rite, which my old friend Br Peter now daily attends (and so likewise receives this ablutio oris) since his joining the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming.

Having thus had "a little wine for [my] stomach", and before Mass having said Matins and earlier the rest of the Office bar Vespers and Compline, I'll finish them off later and soon enough, once joined by a friend (all the other housemates being away down South, or at least out to-night), will broach a bottle of Tasmanian bubbly - Clover Hill (vintage 2003) - for to celebrate my natal day.

But that's not the end of festivities: to-morrow I'm to have dinner with a dear relative of mine...

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Happy Birthday Josh - many years!