Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just Say NO

Now, I'm not a crazy (yet), but I do concur in the friendly joke of a housemate, who lampooned my Trad ways by writing up "Just say NO to the Novus Ordo".  To be honest, while I acknowledge the modern rite of Mass as valid and licit and pleasing to God (leaving aside any painful discussion of abuses and the rest - as Fr Z joked, Every time a liturgical abuse is perpetrated, a kitten is shot!), I just have no desire to attend it anymore.  

I realized this because, checking back in the little notebook I keep to record the Masses I hear, the Confessions I make, and so forth, I have only been to the Novus Ordo twice in the last two months, on the 2nd of October and the 15th of September (in both cases so I could participate in the day's feast), and before that the last time was on the 20th of August (in which month I went to such Masses half a dozen times).

Unfortunately, with my relocation to Tasmania looming, this luxury of freely attending the Traditional Mass only will soon cease: and it will be back to boring banality.  Yuck.

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