Sunday, November 23, 2008

Heavens Above - The Flying Nun

This is just too good to be true...

Apparently one of the astronauts currently at the International Space Station is a friend of some dear Carmelite nuns; when he asked them what to bring on his voyage, they replied, "A relic of St Thérèse!"  So, while her soul exalts forever in the Beatific Vision in heaven, even her sacred relics are not just travelling from country to country to edify the faithful, as continues year by year (I was able to venerate her relics in Melbourne during their Australian tour), but some part of them is at this moment whizzing round the earth in a low orbit: so in a most ingenue manner, and yet one prays so fruitfully (those nuns and the good Saint herself interceding), fulfilling the dream of this cloistered religious to preach the Gospel on all continents until the end of time.  May she shower down roses as signs of graces won!

(See the full article provided by Zenit.)

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