Sunday, March 4, 2012

Missa Cantata sine incenso

There were two Missæ Cantatæ in Tasmania to-day; one at Colebrook, celebrating the Pugin bicentennial; the other, the usual monthly Mass, in Hobart.  Numbers in attendance were very pleasing, considering the competition – almost fifty communions – though, since Colebrook had stolen away two of our servers (!), we made do with but M.C. (yours truly) and two acolytes or cerifers (candlebearers): hence, no incense.  I must say, it being Lent and so a sombre season, I was happy enough to do without that added complication, especially as incense was more traditionally restricted to Solemn High Mass alone (until the late preconciliar period, use of incense at Sung Mass was by indult only).  The choir, too, was reduced in numbers, and so the Tract was sung to a psalm tone – to my surprise as M.C., since mindful of Fortescue-O'Connell-Reid, I had directed Father to the chair to sit out the expected "long Tract"!  While my duties at the altar forbade me giving the attention otherwise due the chant, I did note the Lenten Attende Domine at offertory and Ave verum at communion.

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