Monday, September 14, 2009


A very good time was had by all, with a select party of Aussies and some others looking down on night-time Rome and St Peter's, drinking martinis with friends, student priests, and even a curial official.

(I haven't had such a good martini since I was guest of Fr Tattersall et al. some years back. Come to think of it, it really is my drink...)

It was especially good to see my old mate Monica, whom I haven't seen since she moved to live and work in England some years ago. It was good to see ya, and again at Mass to-day!

The only fly in the ointment was the pressing need to get back to San Gregorio before the curfew at 11.30 pm - I half walked, half ran over the painful cobblestones, achieving the incredible distance just in time, in half an hour. I surprised myself.


Monica said...

Josh! It was so good to see you too!!! I am very sorry that I missed saying good bye because I thought you were coming to breakfast after Mass yesterday. So sad! I hope the rest of your trip is great! GB :)

Joshua said...

Lots of love, Mon!

Maybe I'll see you in old London town, or back in the glorious see of Melbourne, one of these days...