Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feast of St Michael

Happy feast of St Michael for yester-day; my felicitations to all my friends named after the Archangel.

I celebrated it with a dental check-up and professional teeth-cleaning, so my chompers are now whiter than white! I also received the good news that they're all fine: I've never had a tooth out, nor needed a filling, so I'm quite lucky in having strong teeth (probably due to the fluoridated water supply).

Who is the patron saint of teeth?


Mark M said...

Saint Apollonia... though, you're just like me too: no fillings, extractions, etc.

Joshua said...

Good to hear, Mark!

I take it St Apollonia had all hers pulled out by her torturers?

So Scotsmen, unlike Englishmen, have good teeth? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Waht is a dentist's favourite hymn?

Abide With Me: 'Change and decay in all around I see....'

(You can see why I want to remain anonymous; in fact I owe this to Frank Muir on My Music some yers ago.)