Friday, September 25, 2009


I haven't felt much like posting since my return, but at least I have now - finally - retrieved my wallet, which went for an extended holiday of its own... All's well that ends well.

To-morrow, time to go to Confession in the morning, as is my practice; and then, the Big Game - a.k.a. the AFL Grand Final - to watch in the afternoon. Since my team isn't in it, I'm not sure who I'll barrack for: no, maybe St Kilda, since I don't much like Geelong. (A work colleague, and former classmate of mine also goes for St Kilda, a good Catholic Irish name you will agree.) Carn the Saints!

My Aussie seminarian friends in Rome apparently will be doing much the same: they have previously headed off from the N.A.C., and had beer and breakfast at a certain "Irish pub", where the game was shown via satellite on the big screen; but this year, being more integrated, will be partying at Fortress America on the Janiculum...

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