Thursday, September 17, 2009

Requiem at the Altar of St Gregory

From San Gregorio I set out at half seven this morning, to serve a Requiem (for Robert Peckham) at SSma Trinità. Fr Brendan was there as planned, and very fittingly we had the Low Mass at the side altar of St Gregory, with its marvellous altarpiece of that holy Pope, enlightened by the Dove of the Holy Ghost, beholding the deliverance of souls from purgatory at his prayers and offering of the Mass. Requiescat in pace.
Mass done, Fr very kindly invited me, and the visiting American priest, plus one of the regular servers at the church (an American student at the Angelicum) to go for coffee at a bar nearby. It was very interesting to talk with them, especially with Fr Brendan, who it turns out knows a number of priests and laymen of my acquaintance - even Mark, that former blogger in Edinburgh. We had a very interesting discussion afterward all about Biblical theology (how to steer between the Scylla and Charybdis of fundamentalism and heterodoxy), while strolling the local streets. He also revealed that, like Fr Mannes my old mate, he is a great Star Wars devotee!

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