Monday, September 7, 2009

At K.L. Airport

I'm feeling quite exhausted after the first two legs of my flight - and I still have nearly two hours here at Kuala Lumpur international airport before I embark on the last, twelve-hour leg. I wanna sleep...

To try and stay awake, I've walked all round the terminal, and bought a hot drink - embarrassingly, I don't even know what RM stands for (hint: it's the local currency), but luckily my credit card works, and the exchange rate is about three for a dollar. This is better than the measly number of Euros my dollars bought when I exchanged them back in Melbourne!

Maybe I'll go read Matins for Our Lady's Birthday while I wait.


Margaret Mary said...

God Bless you on your trip. Praying you have a safe one.

You will just love Rome. (when you get over the harrowingly long flight)

Do look up all the Aussies over there at present - Fr. Mark Withoos (you'll find him saying Mass at the altar of St. Pius X in the Basicila early in the morning) send him much love from Australia, Fr. Anthony Robbie and others...oh and Fr. Joseph Kramer of SS Trinita de Pelligrini of course.

Aussies everywhere in Rome.

Enjoy !

Joshua said...

Apparently Fr Robbie is not in Rome at present.

Oh, and I found out that the Malaysian currency unit is the ringgit.