Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Sapientia

And here's a Baroque Magnificat to pair with it:


Fr Martin said...

Just as an aside, the PRemonstratensian liturgy (even the revised) started the O Antiphons yesterday, there being one extra on 23rd December:

O Virgo virginum
quomodo fiet istud?
Quia nec primam similem visa es
nec habere sequentem.
Filiae Ierusalem,
quid me admiramini?
Divinum est mysterium hoc quod cernitis.

I believe the Sarum rite also used this O Antiphon?


Joshua said...

Yes, this is one of those nice mediæval items that one finds in various rites.

I've tracked down a number of such supernumerary O Antiphons, about which I'll post presently...

Thanks, Fr Martin!