Saturday, December 13, 2008

St Lucy

Dear St Lucy is so great a martyr that she has her name in the Roman Canon; I've previously written a bit about her, and refer interested parties to that post.

(To-day I've really got to get my packing finished, since my books, CD's, DVD's, papers, clothes and sundry items all have to be boxed up ready to have them transported back to Tasmania: I only have this weekend, three last days of work, all day Thursday - when I'll drop the car off to be likewise hauled cross-Continent - and the morning of Friday left before I depart Western Australia for good just after noon on the 19th.)

UPDATE: Well, five stout boxes later, and all the books - which are the worst part of all the packing, of course - are done!  I pray God I don't lose any in the move: box no. 5 contains so many breviaries, missals and other rare books that it would be almost impossible to replace.  Sic transit gloria mundi - but, I pray with St Austin, not yet!

Who's the patron saint of removalists, and of not losing things?


Anonymous said...

May God bless your journey!

Can the Breviary box travel with you personally? Or can you split the contents amongst all the boxes?

Joshua said...

Well, I suppose I should have thought of that...

Anyhow, they're all done now.

I'll be flying to Adelaide to attend an ordination before I go on to Launceston, so I'm not travelling with much stuff - just a suitcase or two and carry-on luggage (laptop, missal, breviary, &c.)...

Anonymous said...

And I thought I travelled heavy! ;-P

Safe journey.