Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Passed the Ten Thousand Mark

It's foolish of me, but I would like to note that this odd blog has just passed 10,000 visits - having achieved a reasonable rate of increased attention since I marked 1,000 visits after the first 3 months! 

I hope that what I write is in some way helpful, and that those visiting would spare a prayer for me.

Remember that I appreciate any comments you may wish to make!

Of your charity, please say a Hail Mary.


Anonymous said...

I especially like your comments on the liturgical year!

I may have to ask your expert opinion on a related project... :D

Joshua said...

Thanks, Mark - I suppose that that is what my blog has turned out to be mainly about; I think I said as much in two much earlier posts:

"This will be a Catholic blog, probably oriented toward prayer, devotion and liturgy, albeit with necessarily theological underpinning – for what ought theology be at base but worship, what ought worship be but theology?

"The chosen blogname Psallite sapienter (Ps 46:8b, Vulg.), "sing ye wisely" has been chosen to allude to this theme..."

"...what I wish to signify by the name of this blog [is]: one should wisely consider what one prays and sings, suck the marrow out of it as it were, and live nourished and formed thereby.

"...Our religion is logical – according to the Logos – it is rational; for our God, though infinitely above everything, is not contrary to reason. Therefore our rites are not dumb shows, but pregnant with meaning. This is why I like a bit of lectio divina applied to the collects of the Roman liturgy: the Church, guided and guarded by the Holy Ghost, has produced masterworks of prayer expressing so consisely the doctrine of the Faith, and these ought be contemplated.

"As the Friars Preachers say, Contemplata aliis tradere (St Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiæ, II-II, 188, 6, resp.) - pass on to others what you've contemplated. Maybe that's what I'm hoping to do."