Saturday, October 25, 2008

Prayer to St Raphael

From the Cœleste palmetum (1756 edition), which is an excellent devotional, BTW:

Oratio ad S. Raphaëlem.

O Cœlestis Medice, & Comes Fidelissime, S. Raphaël, qui Tobiæ seniori visum restituisti, juniorem per omnes suscepti itineris vias deduxisti, & incolumem conservasti! Esto corporis & animæ meæ Medicus: pelle ignorantiæ tenebras, mihique in periculosa hujus vitæ peregrinatione constanter assiste, donec ad cœlestem patriam perducas, ubi tecum beatus divinam faciem æternum contempler. Amen.

(O Heavenly Physician, and Companion most Faithful, Holy Raphael, who restored to the elder Tobias his sight, led the younger through all the ways of his journey, and kept him safe!  Be the Doctor of my soul and body: cast out the darkness of ignorance, and constantly assist me in the perilous pilgrimage of this life, until thou bring me to the heavenly fatherland, where with thee I, blessed, may contemplate the Divine Countenance evermore.  Amen.)

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