Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The First Thousand, in a Quarter

Well, presumably some people find what I say sufficiently curious to come and have a look - I have no information as to how many flee in horror, or decide never to return...

Many thanks to David over at Sentire cum Ecclesia, let alone to the folks running Coo-ees from the Cloister, who have linked to me: no doubt that's where most of my visitors come from. Sorry, guys, I'm not in the same league as either, and may well disappoint.

Anyway, in the quarter of a year since I turned on the site meter, just over one thousand visits have been made - many return visits, no doubt, having been made by those who've left comments, for I assume the most frequent visitors are those who are brave enough to reveal themselves and make a contribution.

If I have managed to provide pilgrims with something good, natural or supernatural, to think on, I am well pleased, give thanks to God, the only source of all good, and hope that they, and all who pass through, will excuse the faults they find here, and pray to Him for me. (At the moment, especially, I am very much in need of this.)

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