Friday, October 3, 2008

Guardian Angels

Tonight, especially having heard Mass and read the Breviary Office of the Guardian Angels, I cannot forbear to remind all of the great importance of having due and proper regard, reverence and devotion toward our God-sent angel guardian, truly a Godsend in our lives.  (Recall that essay I once posted, and drag up now and again.)

Here are links to two Western devotions to one's Guardian Angel:

The Easterners also of course have several good devotions to pay our individual Guardian Angel:

Morning Prayer to the Holy Guardian Angel

O holy Angel, that keepest guard over my despondent soul and passionate life, leave me not, a sinner, nor depart from me to my undoing; grant not a place to the crafty enemy to overcome me by the force of this mortal body; strengthen my weak and feeble hand, and set me on the path of salvation. Yea, holy Angel of God, guardian and protector of my hopeless body and soul, forgive me everything wherein I have offended thee every day of my life, and what I have done amiss this past night; protect me during the present day, and preserve me from every attempt of the enemy.  May I not anger God by any sin.  Pray for me to the Lord, that he may establish me in his fear, and prove me a servant worthy of his kindness.  Amen.

Evening Prayer to the Holy Guardian Angel

O Angel of Christ, holy guardian and protector of my soul and body, forgive me every transgression which I have committed this day, and deliver me from every craft of my enemy and adversary.  May I not anger my God by any sin.  But pray for me, his sinful and unworthy servant, that thou mayst declare me worthy of the grace and mercy of the all-holy Trinity and of the Mother of my Lord Jesus Christ and of all the saints.  Amen.

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