Monday, October 20, 2008

Change of Scene

News flash: I may not be here to see the long-awaited move of the Perth Latin Mass community from the Pro. (St John's Pro-Cathedral) to St Anne's, Belmont.  

This Sunday afternoon I have just found out that work may well require that I move back to Tasmania by early next year - which means by Christmas, since I hope to spend that holy season with my family.  Indeed, by the time I figure in trying to attend Rev Br Mannes' pre-Christmas priestly ordination in Adelaide, that means departing for cooler climes in the East only two months' hence!

So, while I exercise my brain in trying to work out how to get my ever-growing library back to the Eastern States, let alone send over the rest of my possessions (should I drive cross-Continent in the car? that would involve a Nullabor crossing in late December, a bit risky... perhaps take the Indian-Pacific?), I am suddenly faced with new challenges (a.k.a. the Novus Ordo back home - I'll have to visit the monthly TLM in Hobart and/or regularly pop over to Melbourne for a weekend in order to maintain sanity).

I called Fr Rowe (en route to Bunbury on his monthly supply in partibus) to tell him I'd got the proverbial good news and bad news, and to ask him to pray for me at his Mass.  "What's the good news?" he replied, after I filled him in.  I must say I will miss his sermons: back home, preaching is so dreadfully, unutterably boring.  At least I will be able to hear Mass in the chapel at Carmel, and so avoid parish banalities.

This will mean no more eyewitness blogging detailing Perth Latin Mass goings-on, alas.

Of your charity, please pray for me as I work out what best to do.


Anonymous said...

Josh! This is big news. You will be missed here. I will be in Hobart for Christmas so if you are around we will have to get together.


Anonymous said...

P.S. You job is in Hobart or Launceston?


Anonymous said...

Gosh, well, I hope it all works out well, either way it goes.

Joshua said...

Thanks, Rob - I plan to visit Hobart around then, so keep me informed of your plans closer to the time and we'll try and catch up.

Mark - good to hear from you! I'm hoping that all is going well for you with your application to attend the FSSP's European seminary. It seems both of us will be moving cross-Continent soon, albeit on different sides of the globe.

(Excuse the delay in replying: I've been away up-country due to work commitments.)

Anonymous said...


No worries, though I will be later than you, of course. I hope to enter either in 2009 or 2010...

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