Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rubrical Query – II: An Answer

Eureka!  I have found it: in a pre-Pius X Dominican Breviary, it is noted that the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary is said before all the Hours of the Daily Office (whereas in the Roman Breviary, it is said after the Little Hours, and before the Martyrology at Prime), except that Compline of the Blessed Virgin is said after the blessing at the end of Compline of the Day, immediately before the Salve Regina, omitting therefore its usual final Ave.  (The Cistercian practice was the same.)

As I prefer to use the Dominican Breviary for sundry reasons, I can, if I wish, thus combine Compline of the Day with Compline of Our Lady, without having to repeat the Marian anthem &c.  Much better.

I must also thank Rubricarius for his help.


Rubricarius said...

Thank you Joshua.

But where does this leave our understanding of what to do in the Roman rite? (Not that there are thousands wanting to celebrated the Officium Parvum in addition to the Office of the Day etc., alas...)

Joshua said...

I defer to your expertise in these matters, as mine has proven to be somewhat shaky recently...

No, as to what to do according to the Use of Rome, while my heart would suggest doing as the Dominicans and Cistercians do, my head tells me that the full Compline of the day, including Marian anthem, must first be celebrated, and then Compline of Our Lady, repeating the anthem. The rubrics require this, and make no suggestion to do otherwise.