Thursday, November 4, 2010

Any Coverage Yet of the Christus Rex Pilgrimage?

It's Thursday, I'm off work with a heavy cold, and while I try to rest and recuperate, I wonder: was, is, or will there be any coverage of the recent, highly successful Christus Rex Pilgrimage online?  I haven't seen any photos yet, apart from those I took myself - I foolishly thought I wouldn't need to take snaps at most of the celebrations since there were others who would do so.

So, what's going on?


Beneditcus said...

There are a lot of photos beginning to be uploaded to Facebook - not sure if they're public or not.

The official website rarely sees an update so it may be some time for the 'official' photos to arise.

Also, I love you're photo of the 'Lone Star Oratory', as it was dubbed last year!


Joshua said...

Oh, Facebook - I don't facebook. Dreadful nonsense. Can't the CRex people just update their website?