Saturday, July 11, 2009

Officium Parvum Beatæ Mariæ Virginis

The Little Office is a blessing and a relief - why not try it as a fit devotion and rule of prayer suited to a traditionalist Catholic? I know that Fr Tattersall recommended it to my friend Justin for one.

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Some other useful resources:

  • the Little Office, in parallel Latin and English, according to the Use of Rome in 1599: hence the hymns are in their original state prior to Urban VIII's misguided 'correction' of them, the antiphons are not doubled - given in full before as well as after each psalm or canticle - and the items removed in the reforms of Pius X (that is, Psalms 66, 149 and 150 at Lauds) and Pius XII (the prefatory Ave of each Hour, the Kyrie before the Collect, the memorial of the saints at Lauds and Vespers, the Pater and versicle to be said at the end of the Hours one has said, and the Pater, Ave and Credo after the Marian anthem at Compline) are still there;
  • the Little Office according to the Ambrosian Rite as of 1957;
  • the Little Office as put on someone's blog, apparently in the pre-1950's form (with all the above-named items removed under Pius XII still included).

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Juventutem London said...

Just to let you know Baronius put out a new edition of the Little Office corrected - proofread by me in fact.