Friday, January 6, 2012

Three out of Five

Having heard Mass at the city church to-day, it was comforting to find that the celebrant is happily using the new translation there, and the large noonday congregation of about 35 was also content.

From what I've seen of the five local priests (my own parish priest, for the north-western part of this city; the three priests in the central parish; and the one in the southern parish), it thus appears that three out of five are happily using the new translation.

One P.P. (about whose antics at Carmel I've blogged) last time I heard him say Mass had not fully adjusted to the new texts, though he seemed to be uncomplaining, thank God – he read from the new Missal without trouble, but for texts he said without looking at it, such as the offertory prayers and Ecce Agnus Dei, he reverted to the old text familiar to him, which is understandable; while another priest, last time I endured his infuriating travesty of the sacred liturgy, was in open rebellion against this "latest wickedness of the nasty old Pope" (to put into words the inner thoughts his demeanour manifested).

I rather suspect that three, or perhaps four, out of five is about the expected proportion of Australian clergy who have more or less implemented the new translation without puerile whinging.


john said...

I haven't as yet heard of anyone in perth not using the new translation and can say that at the more than a dozen places where i've attended mass over the last few months they have all used the new translation.

Joshua said...

That's good to hear.

I suspect that, once those aggrieved got over their complaining and whining, they've realized shamefacedly that the sky hasn't fallen in, no one has died, and - if this indeed is some dread conspiracy cooked up by old men in the Vatican, it's outcome is pretty mild!

The only other remark I will make for the moment is that, as the Collects of the Roman Mass, properly translated now rather than just paraphrased, are pregnant with doctrine, they need careful enunciation and consideration - the priest has to read them slowly and with meaning, and I find it helps to read along with them in my new missal in order the better to consider their profound content.