Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stupid Things Heard on the Radio

While driving, I listen to ABC News Radio, which broadcasts Federal Parliament live when it is in session – hence some of the stupid things I hear from time to time:

  • Just to-day: shock, horror! the percentage of workers with tertiary qualifications in the farming and agriculture sector is far lower than in other areas of employment! For Pete's sake...
  • A few days ago: a reporter, evidently getting confused between the President's first and last names, referred to someone called "Barama"!  (Which reminds me of Bananarama...)
  • Some months back, when Parliament was in session, an M.P. speaking on the new National Curriculum to be implemented in schools continually referred to this as the "curric-li-um"!  Talk about dumb!
  • And of course from time to time one must grit one's teeth at the mention of a frozen continent called "An-tart-i-ca"...

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