Friday, January 27, 2012

Condign punishment!

The gross disrespect and physical violence shewn to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition yester-day, and now the outrageous burning of the Australian flag, by malcontents, demands the full force of the law: arrest, trial, and an exemplary sentence if convicted. As for that illegal squatters' "embassy" dirtying Canberra, it ought be cleared away forthwith, a blot well overdue removal.

UPDATE: Now it transpires that all this was provoked by a leak from the Prime Minister's office, a staffer of hers having decided to stir up trouble; the protesters turn out to have been dupes and pawns,  their passions inflamed and manipulated by a whispering campaign.  At least the man so far revealed to have been responsible has resigned.  Would that politicians, when caught out, would do so!

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