Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the Grand Traditions of the Italian Navy

Far from being the last man on board, that criminal suspect, Captain Schettino, appears to have deserted his command and ensconced himself in a comfy lifeboat before his own passengers were all rescued, the disgrace!  It is well-known, given events of the early forties, that the Italian army operates best in retreat, and Italian battleships reverse rapidly back to port when danger threatens; but now, in the grand traditions of such seamanship, we see a fool in his folly first endanger, then indirectly slay those in his care, before decamping the shipwreck he caused to seek a quick getaway.  What shameless crime, what disgrace!

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Rubricarius said...

Things certainly do not look good for Captain Schettino and even worse for the twenty or so people still missing who are almost certainly dead.

What was encouraging is how the Tuscan coastguards reacted to the tragedy along with the people of Isola del Giglio worked so hard to save the vast majority of passengers and crew.