Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Travel Journal: 4th January

Tuesday 4th January: feria

To-day, once Lauds, Prime and Terce were done, was book-shopping day!  Oh dear, over $100 gone…

At one antiquarian bookseller, I was able to peruse, if not to buy, two expensive volumes of interest: one, a translation of the Sarum Missal into which the Anglican Communion Service was cunningly inserted ($500); the other, a 1780 Catholic prayerbook or Primer, including the Little Office and sundry devotions ($750).

After Mass at the Cathedral (preceded by Sext and Rosary), I had a very pleasant lunch of chicken curry and roti with David Schütz and an acquaintance or friend of his, followed by a good earnest discussion of things theological.  Following that, at length I visited my old friends at the Central Catholic Bookshop, before taking the train back to my apartment in Prahran (I had to wait at Richmond for to change trains, giving an opportunity for None).

Dinner was at a gastropub in Richmond (risotto with chorizo, fetta cheese, roasted tomato and rocket), followed by some excellent gelati.  Did I mention the perry (Monteith’s pear cider, from New Zealand)?

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Schütz said...

A pleasant lunch indeed, although we had to search for a cafe open in this part of town on the first day back at work in the new year!

All the best for the rest of your holiday, and for the year ahead, Josh!

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