Sunday, January 16, 2011

Searching for a Mass in Auckland

Trust not in Diocesan websites.  Having caught a bus out to Holy Family, Te Atatu Peninsula – which took half an hour to get there – I found out from the friendly priest there that the time for the Latin Mass was changed over a month ago, and he has told the Diocese repeatedly, but to no avail: they still list the old time, hence my feeling deflated.  At least I could read Lauds to Sext on the bus back, after whiling away the long wait with lunch at a coffeeshop nearby.

I really should have known better than to trust in a Diocesan website – I should have called Father up and checked with him, I know.  It wasn't his fault; indeed, he kindly told me that Fr Meuli has a 7pm Latin Mass at Titirangi.  (Unfortunately, to get there it's a long way to go by bus on a Sunday evening, especially as I have an early flight to catch to-morrow, and I've found that taxis in N.Z. are quite expensive.)  I think I'll go to the 4.30pm Ordinary Mass at Auckland Cathedral, which is very close to where I'm staying.

As to the Diocesan website: why is it that Catholic bureaucracy tends to be so mediocre and inefficient?  I wonder if they could survive in the real world.  One of my colleagues at work refers to such little people as "nunny bunny types", since they manifest, as laity, some of the worst caricatures of dilly silly post-Vatican II religious women, right down to poor dress sense, inefficiency and passive aggression when challenged.  ("I'm a victim," they wail when rightly criticised, "You're oppressing me!"  Boo hoo, get a life.)

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