Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Greek Translation Needed

A friend of mine sent me some interesting things to read, one featuring a copy of an icon of St Sabbas – patron of this blog, as it happens (see my very first post) – complete with an improving text.  Unfortunately, said text being in Greek, I can't quite puzzle it out.  Here it is:

Ὁ άγαπῶν τόν Θεόν καταφρονείτω τῶν φθειρομένων καί προτιμάτω τήν γνῶσιν αὐτοῦ.


Barry said...

Google translates "His love God katafroneito protimato Of the wearing and the knowledge of him." Not much help!

Brennan said...

This is my guess:

Let he who loves God disregard those who are corrupt and prefer what he knows.

Joshua said...

Yes, Barry, I tried that trick first of all, and got just such a nonsense answer. I suspect that the Google translating whatsit is designed for modern Greek.

Joshua said...

Having only a very little Greek, I looked up the verbs unknown to me and found:

kataphroneô - to despise; to fix one’s thoughts at, to aim at; to presume, to think arrogantly

phtheiroiaô - to be lousy (lice infested!)

protimaô - to honour one above another, to prefer one to another

Joshua said...

And the winner is...

I emailed Fr Hunwicke, who kindly tells me it renders as:

"Let the one who loves God despise the things that are passing away and give preferential honour to his knowledge."

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Just looking at it quickly, "to the knowledge of him" would be a better translation.

Arthur Samouris said...

The best translation I've found is:

He that loves God disdaineth things corruptible and prefereth the knowledge of Him.

Compare these Orthodox icons of St. Savvas (Sabbas) the Sanctified.



Joshua said...

Eureka! Many thanks.