Saturday, January 29, 2011

God's Blessings to Tunisia and Egypt

All should be glad at the overthrow of the petty tyrant of Tunisia, and – we pray – may God grant the same favour to the people of Egypt.

It is excellent to see them rising up against oppression and violence: the Lord grant that they have the victory.

Pray for those injured and for the families of those hurt and killed.

Pray that the military and police see that their duty lies in rejecting immoral orders to cow the populace, and rather in siding with calls for democratic, peaceful, just and non-violent reform.

Pray that the West gives Mubarak (pretended victor in the latest of Egypt's rigged elections) a cold shoulder, if not a hard shove off his throne!

Mercy, and justice!

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Schütz said...

As I said to you on Skype a minute ago, the real question is whether the Islamists will get a look in in the new situation. I'm not afraid of an Islamic government as such - eg. Turkish style (although being a Christian still isn't easy in Turkey, I'd prefer it to their brand of secularism) - but we do need to remember that Pakistan is a democracy...