Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Leaven in the Lump

I don't often quote in extenso from other blogs, but what the good pastor over at Valle Adurni relays (himself quoting from Fr Z, ultimately referencing Samuel Gregg at the Acton Institute) is so very true: that Pope Benedict's charter for our times is for we Catholics to be a creative minority: for "the Church of the future will be smaller, but more fervent," as he said while still a Cardinal.  As Toynbee opined, civilizations and societies are not so much overwhelmed from outside as eaten out from within: they die by their own hand.  To be a creative minority is to prop up the tottering edifice – did not Christians transform the Roman Empire by making it the seed of Christendom?  On the contrary, the fated-to-fail, failed and failing project of liberal Catholicism "has no seed" – it is intellectually and spiritually sterile, and is doomed and dying just as is liberal, mainstream Protestantism.  See now the ultimate project of Anglicanorm cœtibus?  It is to preserve a creative minority of all that is good, true and beautiful in Anglicanism, in its true home, in union with the Church of Rome as the remaining bastion of Catholic truth.  But where to start? as Fr Z would say, Save the liturgy, save the world.

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